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Being an avid world traveler, you learn that making decisions on where your next destination will be is based on a lot of different factors. Sure, you can go on your instincts and travel someplace with a lot of fun and sun, but it is always wise to take a more cautious approach to your next travel location, especially to a country you are not familiar with.

Every year, there are reports and survey results that are release regarding the safest countries to travel to.  These results are based on official statistics as well as the feelings, emotions, and experiences of the people living in countries around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the highest rated countries and maybe you can find a future travel destination for yourself!

Singapore has ranked very high on these lists this year based on the high response rate of residents regarding police force and overall crime rates. Inhabitants of this country value their harmonious living and feeling of safety when walking through the city streets. Visitor’s will be able to focus more on the rich culture without necessarily worrying about their well-being.

For any Canadian it is great to see Canada on this list. Also for those living in the U.S. as a closer travel destination with an elevated quality of life and high ranking safety factor.  Canadian hospitality and friendliness along will make you feel welcome and want to book your next trip to see the natural beauty and visit our lively cities.

Most of the Nordic countries have shown up on these lists due to their eco-friendly cities and plethora of
natural spaces within these countries. Iceland made the list due to their low crime rates, including homicides and incarceration. Not only are their many beautiful natural sites to visit and experience, but the safety rates are very high.

This country’s sites, make it an excellent destination for site-seers and anyone looking for a great wealth of history. Thankfully, Austria has made it onto the list of safe countries. Serious crime levels are low as well as weapon imports. Austria’s political elections are also known to be among the most peaceful.

There are many other countries who have made the list of safest places to travel, so the opportunities for secure travel are vast. Safety of yourself, family and travel companions is something to consider when visiting an unknown location and can ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved. I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but Singapore, Iceland and Austria are places I one day hope to visit.