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Traveling has become a lot easier due to technology. The majority of the world owns a smartphone, and there are dozens of apps that can be used to make your travels easier. Whether the apps focus on flying, hotels, restaurants or tours, there’s usually something for every aspect of travel. Here are a few of the best travel apps available.


If you travel often, you’re probably used to sitting around the airport waiting to board. Loungebuddy is here to make that part of traveling a little easier. Once you enter your credit card, airline status and lounge memberships, the app will tell you which lounges you can access at an airport. If you don’t have any of those things, you can still find out about free lounges as well. 


Having an itinerary for your travels can make the trip a lot easier. TripIt is perfect for that. You just forward your travel information to their email, and it automatically puts all of the information on your master itinerary. By upgrading to the pro version, they will also find you alternative routes for when flights are canceled and let you know about flight delays as well as other info.


Have you ever wanted to take a tour through a city from a local who knows the city like the back of their hand? You can usually get them in a lot of cities, but they might be expensive. Detour is here to solve all of your problems. Detour is a GPS-guided audio walk, which has audio tours for 17 cities around the world, each one narrated by a local. Cities currently available include New York City, Rome, Berlin, and Paris as well as so much more.

Trail Wallet

If you’re not careful, traveling costs can add up pretty quickly. Trail Wallet alleviates that problem immensely. The app allows you to organize your expenses by trip or month, while also allowing you to set a daily budget as well as adding expenses. If you get a bill, you pull out the app, add the amount, and you’re done!


If you’re looking to stay somewhere cheap when you’re traveling, you might want to consider a hostel. Hostelworld is great for that and even includes a full-screen interactive map so you can see whether the hostel you’re looking at is anywhere near where you want to be. It has all of the usual trappings you’d expect an accommodation booking app to have as well.

There are a lot of aspects of travel that can be exhausting to handle, but these apps should make traveling much easier. Take advantage of the myriad amount of apps that are available, and you should be traveling with ease in no time.