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Scotland is known for its beautiful views, tourist destinations, and pubs. Many people who travel to Scotland are usually looking for fun things to do and great sites to see. One of the newest attractions includes The Dramathon, created in 2017 by two Scotsman who love running and love whiskey. Jon Dunderdale and Ian King wanted to infuse their passions of running and whiskey into one full-blown event. Thus they created The Dramathon.

The Dramathon offers three different choices of the marathon, half-marathon, and 10k race. One of the rewards of the marathon is getting to do whiskey tastings once you’ve completed. With each race, the runners will pass different distilleries on the way, depending on which race they choose to run. The drams of whiskey corresponds with the specific distilleries they pass on their route.

To be clear, runners do not drink the whiskey during the marathon but instead will get to do the tastings at the very end of their race. Even though this year will mark the 3rd annual Dramathon, the event has continued to gain more and more attention. It is said that as soon as registration opens, it sells out very quickly, so it’s important to stay alert for announcements. Luckily, The Dramathon website offers multiple places to follow them on social media to stay up to date on any happenings.

As previously mentioned, The Dramathon has continued to gain notice which means it sells out very quickly each year. Within such a short time, runners from all over including overseas, are rushing to Scotland for the marathon each year. Some of the locations of runners include the United States, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Japan, just to name a few.

Being a marathon runner and world traveler, you find events such as this do a great job at creating a significant draw to gain people from all over the world who share the same passions. With marathons, it can be a lot more enticing to create an award for completing the race, especially one that gives you the chance to experience parts of a different country. If you find you aren’t necessarily the running type but enjoy traveling and want to cheer your family or friends on, the Dramathon team offers opportunities to be apart of the event by volunteering. The Dramathon marathon is showing the rest of the world that Scotland is the place to be every October!